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Smoked Fish Spread

For the story of this recipe, see my blog from April 2, 2011:
Salt and smoke: And other fishy business

Smoked Fish Spread

6 oz (approx) cream cheese

4 oz (approx) smoked marlin or other smoked fish (see Tip, below)

2 tbsp (approx) mayonnaise

1 tbsp (approx) lime juice

1 tsp (approx) pepper sauce

black pepper

1 tbsp (approx) chopped chadon bene or cilantro

1 tbsp (approx) chopped capers

1. Mash fish into cream cheese.

2. Mix in remaining ingredients. If mixture seems to dry, add a bit more mayo.

3. Taste and adjust balance by adding more lime juice, pepper sauce, and/or chadon bene.

Tip: Smoked marlin is a strong-flavoured fish. If you substitute a gentler smoked fish, you may need to add more to the spread.

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