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Mango Chow

4 comments on “Mango Chow

  1. Barb Shipley on said:

    Haven’t seen the recicpe yet before it asks for a comment.

  2. Hi, Barb — I haven’t posted Jesse’s Pineapple Chow yet. Soon, I promise.

  3. Nicole Bartlett on said:

    I used the recipe from your book and it was amazing. I used red chili peppers, but they didn’t have much of a kick. Are there any peppers found in N.America that make good substitutes?

  4. Don’t know where you are in North America, but you can often find Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers in produce section of large supermarkets. These are the peppers that look a bit like little orange, red, green, and yellow lanterns. They’re REALLY hot, so only use a bit to start. Good luck! — ann

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