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Hog Island, Grenada:
January 11, 2011
Turkey, with a Tropical Twist

The other day I finally got around to roasting what passes for a holiday turkey on Receta: a petite three-pound Butterball boneless turkey roast, which is all the turkey that our onboard oven can handle. I had bought the turkey in Trinidad, just in case we didn’t luck into seafood for the holidays. But we ended up having seared tuna with a cocoa crust for Christmas dinner (the recipe is in The Spice Necklace), and cold steamed lobster with a curry aïoli on New Year’s Day.

Not the holiday turkey #1: Ramon T. Raton (who hails from
Santo Domingo) by Receta's tiny tree on Christmas morning
Back to our belated turkey dinner: Since you can’t really stuff one of those boneless roasts, I baked the stuffing separately, doing my own take on a Caribbean stuffing recipe from Trinidad’s House of Angostura. Not surprisingly, it included Angostura bitters. Steve and I both adore stuffing, and we rated this one a worthy contender for Best in Class. (Click here for the recipe.) I guarantee it will make a return appearance long before next Thanksgiving or Christmas – perhaps as a side for chicken, or even fish. (No matter how delicious the dressing, lobster needs no stuffing.)
Not the holiday turkey #2: New Year's Day dinner

Steve may love stuffing, but he detests cranberry sauce (a result of overindulgence one holiday when he was a kid). Luckily, there’s a Caribbean alternative: sorrel jelly. I confess I didn’t make my own, but the jarred one tasted perfect with the turkey and stuffing.

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2 comments on “Hog Island, Grenada:
January 11, 2011
Turkey, with a Tropical Twist

  1. Brad Pendergraft on said:

    The stuffing link goes to a fish recipe.

  2. Oops! Should be fixed now and link should take you to the recipe for Stuffing with a Tropical Twist. Thanks for pointing out the problem — and apologies for the slow response. Just call it island time. — ann

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